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Re: Wasteland 2

Сообщение Melhar » 06 ноя 2014, 14:20

И это вот весило 2.2 гига?????
Тьма и вьюга, и слёзы из глаз
Мы идём через ночь, не надеясь достигнуть рассвета
В этих льдах за пределом широт
Нет иного рассвета, чем в нас
В нашем сердце - огонь, озаряющий стороны света.
Поднимайся, мой ангел ! Вперёд!

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Re: Wasteland 2

Сообщение Joe » 06 ноя 2014, 14:29

а что за New Game Plus?
ктото разобрался?

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Re: Wasteland 2

Сообщение Ashtan » 06 ноя 2014, 14:47

По стандарту - перенос информации с финального сохранения в новую игру. Уровни, пушки, вот это все. Кто-то делает новые квесты\возможности, кто-то таким макаром дает возможность замутить все ачивки. хз что тут.

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Re: Wasteland 2

Сообщение Дошлый » 06 ноя 2014, 19:12

Melhar писал(а):И это вот весило 2.2 гига?????
вот это весило 2.2 гига-
Скрытый текстПоказать
Wasteland 2 Patch 3 (59820) Release Notes

Patch 3 for Wasteland 2 is here, bringing our biggest change and improvement list yet! Most notably, we’ve got Steam Achievements, colorblind mode, and you can now carry your Ranger squad over into a second adventure after finishing the game the first time!

Note: as usual, GOG.com and other platforms may be a little bit later in releasing the update as their teams prep it. Steam users can download the patch right now.


Added Steam Achievements! Collect them all, if you dare. These are currently only in for Windows. Steam Achievements should be backwards compatible for many (but not all) save files, so players will receive achievements automatically by loading up their save files.
Added and improved epilogue text to fix bugs and add more details that were previously missing.
Added colorblind mode! Activate it in the Display Options menu. This mode changes certain HUD element colors, primarily in combat, to be easier to discern for people with colorblindness.
Added a new brightness/saturation calibration screen to get the game looking as good as it should on a display near you.
Characters are now automatically exported at the end of the game. Veteran characters will now be noted as such in character creation.
Further improvements to Text Size setting so it now affects much more text across the interface. This will help out players who are visually impaired, or who play on high-DPI displays, or TVs.
Added an option to show/hide selection circles on the party, for those who would prefer them off.
Continued cleanup of bugs and issues, especially in California.


Characters are now automatically exported at the end of the game. Veteran characters will now be noted as such in character creation. This lets you reuse them in new games.
Changed name of SAW machine gun to Death Sifter.
Fixed leaving specific random encounters putting the party in the wrong location on the World Map.
It is no longer possible to drop items on the World Map.
Bug fix for rare circumstance where the combat grid doesn’t get close enough to a pickup item to loot it.
Greatly reduced the combat movement speed penalty for the Army Issue Backpack trinket to be more in line with the bonuses it provides.
"Shit" items are no longer labeled as junk to prevent players accidentally selling them when they’re needed for TNT Tan’s quest.
Zeolite and Cat Litter are now stackable.
Fixed Gary Wolfe having wrong ammo type.
Can no longer use Weaponsmithing on the Gold-Plated Derringer (stops player from stripping it for parts and locking them out of Jess-Belle’s quest).
LAW-wielding nuns now drop LAWs instead of RPG-7s.
Added better loot to the Angel Oracle armory.
Reduced the weight of Energy Cells by half.
Corrected the Leadership hit chance bonus.
Using a code to unlock an electronic lock should now give an XP reward relative to the task’s difficulty, so you are no longer discouraged from using a code if you have one.
Greatly increased amount of XP from killing Night Terror.
Increased value of Hoblets’ Problem Solver.
It should no longer be possible to dismiss unconscious CNPCs when asking another CNPC to join.
Increased weight of .50 cal ammo.
Arizona World Map: Upped random encounter merchant chance from 5% to 25%.
Fixed removing followers with script not removing status effects properly.
Provost should no longer hate you in California if he hated you in Arizona. He should also be keeping track of his death flag now, which before he was not.
User Interface

Added colorblind mode. Activate it in the Display Options menu. This mode changes certain HUD element colors to be easier to discern for people with colorblindness.
Added a brightness/saturation calibration menu. This will let you calibrate the game ideally for your display.
Improved Text Size so that it affects a few straggling bits of the HUD it previously wasn’t. This should now cause just about every possible piece of text in the game to resize correctly depending on the setting.
Added “English (Subtitled)” to language drop-down menu which turns on English subtitles on the intro movie for our hearing-impaired friends.
Added an option to show/hide selection circles on party.
Updated HUD with new art from Maxx. Thanks Maxx!
Status effect tooltips should correctly display stat units (%, m., lbs., etc.).
Switching between characters in the inventory will no longer reset the item filter.
Item inventory position should now be retained between levels and loads.
Added support for Cyrillic characters to saved game names.
Double-clicking icons on the local map will now move the camera to the location of the associated object or mob.
It should now be possible to scroll via the keyboard in the World Map while the mouse cursor is over the HUD.
Fixed duplicating items by using them and them picking them up in the inventory.
The conversation stats should no longer wrap incorrectly.
Added tooltips to currency and carry weight labels in the inventory.
Conversation preview text should now resize with Text Size changes.
Fixed text tooltip wrapping. Again.
Another fix for incorrect text wrapping when changing resolution.
Very Large text should no longer cause save game entry dates to vanish.
Tutorial text should now be affected by the text size option.
The “Distribute All” button text should no longer vanish at Very Large text size.
TextResizers on inactive objects (like the conversation HUD) should respond correctly if Text Size is changed before they are started.
Longer epilogue text should now fit on the screen.
Eliminated the goofy inventory item pop to (0, 0) when repositioning.
Right-clicking an item while dragging a different item should no longer result in an incorrect tooltip.
Added some optimizations to the skill info panel.
Main Menu is now rebuilt when Texture Size is changed to prevent corrupt images from displaying.
Main Menu buttons should no longer wrap incorrectly after changing resolution.
Hotkey buttons should no longer be usable when it is an enemy’s turn in combat.
Skill item tooltip skill levels will now be taken from the selected character if one is not explicitly set.
The World Map water display should no longer be positioned incorrectly after refilling canteens after radio calls.
The World Map stop button will only stop and the resume button will only resume on the world map. They will no longer act as toggles.
Fixed an issue where factions can hate themselves. Also added fixes for saves where faction might have already hated themselves.
An extra health bar should no longer wind up stuck over the head of PCs who recover from unconsciousness.
Level transition confirmations will now only show up if there isn’t another menu open already.
Fixed language selection by index to work correctly (using the actual dropdown list of languages instead of the array of all languages).
Fixed a minor UI memory leak.
Loading a game that is in individual movement mode will no longer incorrectly highlight the entire party’s portraits.
Minor optimization for leadership tooltip.
Fixed text wrapping/overlap issues on several tooltips.
Camera settings should now be applied to the World Map camera.
Local maps should now be shrunk to fit within the bounds of the box if the level is rotated.
The Ambush and Meson Cannon Target icons should no longer overlap.
The conversation manual input panel should correctly activate at the beginning of a conversation.
Hid the inventory keybinding from the Control Options menu, since it’s basically the same as the character keybinding.
The inventory/character tooltip on the world map Geiger counter now shows “Character” and the current keybinding.
Added a new load screen tooltip discussing how to repair friendly robots.
Larger XP numbers on the character info screen should no longer be shrunk to the point of illegibility.
Added a single-frame delay between creation of character entries on the character creation screen.
The default enemy portrait is now instantiated rather than being used straight from the resources directory.
Message menu titles should no longer wrap incorrectly.
Animal Whisperer status effect tooltips will no longer say that they can be removed with the appropriate item.
Replaced the red background on the combat initiative CON bars with black.
It should no longer be possible to save when returning to the main menu.
Tutorial buttons should no longer show up in the epilogue.
Item descriptions should no longer go off the end of the item info menu with Large or Very Large text.
Weapon range data should no longer wind up misaligned.
Extraneous ammo stats will no longer be displayed.
The item name should no longer overlap with the item weight on the item info menu.
Items should now be removed by instance instead of by name in the item dropoff menu.
Ammo info is now updated when a character’s inventory is modified.
The default Ranger star should be used correctly if a usable item has no specific use icon set.
Added the keypad Enter key as a default secondary binding for attack target.
Dragging and dropping ammo on an equipped weapon in the inventory will now reload the weapon.
Limited character creation names to 32 characters to prevent issues.
Ammo loaded into weapons is now counted in the total ammo count tooltip.
Moved the Free Aim icon on the weapon HUD to be a little farther from the edge.

Updated Dugan’s Worker Bot sound effects.
Made Dugan’s Worker Bot footsteps louder.
Fixed Safecracking sound effect not playing on success.
Fixed Griffith Park background music not looping correctly.
On World Map and Rookie difficulty, auto-healing should now only occur when a party member is injured (fixes healing sound playing all the time).
Cleaned up AudioController warnings.
Added a script event for screen resolution changes.
Removed Raw audio mode as further investigation revealed it to not be very usable for end users (primarily developer/debug option).
Commented out a bunch of spammy print statements.
Removed unneeded references to various atlases.
Pausing/unpausing the game during a cutscene should no longer incorrectly enable tutorials.
Changing the overall graphics quality should no longer change the brightness on the Main Menu.
Improved loading for radio messages to reduce stuttering.
Added color lookup tables for several Arizona levels.
Stored party templates are now cleaned up when new templates are created. This will prevent them from piling up in a scene when the game is saved.
Updated trap explosion sound effects.
Fixed combat music not playing if Music Volume is on 0 and combat is initiated, then Music Volume is increased.
Added some bird takeoff sound effects.
Perception radius visual effect is now local so it moves with the character while playing.
Moved several logbook sound effect transforms to longer-lived parents.
Reduced book name length in inventory to prevent it from being cut off.
Fixed loot HUD not producing a sound effect when opened and closed.
Made sure sound effects play when looting items using the “Distribute All” button.
Fixed an issue where breaking certain walls would not play the correct sound effect.
Added SoundCategories for Turrets and their weapons.
Save Game option lockout now disappears if you exit a level to prevent players from permanently losing save functionality.
Gary Wolfe is now called a “gunner” to better reflect his skills and equipment.
Party followers should no longer be sleep managed (deactivated) as it was causing some nasty bugs if they somehow managed to get outside the sleep radius.
The Mailinator now uses the correct weapon model.
Can no longer use Mechanical Repair on dead synths for free XP.
Can no longer use Computer Science on dead robots for free XP.
Fixed a null error with SynthTech_Drama in OnDestroy.
Straight-up disabled joystick input to prevent any sort of conflicts.
Added new Switch Fire mode sound effect.
Fixed suicide monk charge-up sound effect
The dressing room (inventory) camera should work correctly the first time the dressing room is opened.
Added sound effect when trinket items are equipped.
Correctly hooked up some sound effects for synths.
Put Vargas sound effects under the correct sound category to be affected by the Voice Volume slider.

Ranger Citadel: Added checks to prevent Vargas from barking if he’s dead.
Ranger Citadel: Adjusted rock materials and added color tables.
Ranger Citadel: Fixed issue causing party to clip through the bridge.
Ranger Citadel: Updated Wade Woodson’s MAXCON.
Ranger Citadel: Adjusted volume of cicada sound effect.
Ranger Citadel: Trade window no longer closes when giving shit to TNT Tan.
Ranger Citadel: Can no longer speak to the jailor if Baychowski is dead.
Ranger Citadel: Dr. Tidemann no longer heals the party if they’re at max health.
Ranger Citadel: Briefly delay the crow flyaway so it won’t happen until after intro movie ends.
Ag Center: Fixed portraits for Kathy Lawson.
Ag Center: It’s no longer possible to obtain radio parts from the satellite if the radio has been activated.
Ag Center: Fixed Pod People being able to get Pod Infection status… why they weren’t immune to their own disease, the world will never know.
Ag Center: Fixed an issue wherein vine blockers would explode every time the player entered proximity.
Ag Center: Fixed being able to avoid Patrick Larsen fight in the East Field by splitting party.
Ag Center: Adjusted color table for the Killing Fields.
Ag Center: Fixed unreachable safe in the corn maze.
Ag Center: Added portrait to DNA Sequencer in the Central Basement.
Ag Center: A vine victim now correctly has female description text instead of male.
Ag Center: Fixed Honeydew Lewis trying to take cover inside a vine cluster and becoming untargetable as a result.
Ag Center: Fixed a line of sight issue in combat from upper balcony in the Killing Fields.
Ag Center: Fixed an issue wherein Kathy would mention the satellite dish even though it had never been discussed.
Ag Center: Fixed order of logic in Matt’s transform after being shot.
Ag Center: Attacking Matt in the lab before turning in the fungicide will now make all appropriate parties hate you in the room and start combat.
Ag Center: Fans in Central Basement can no longer be turned on if they’re exploded.
Ag Center: Blood Staff toaster will now always appear in Central Basement.
Ag Center: Fixed pigeon coops not displaying examine cursor after being looted.
Ag Center: Fixed incorrect examine text on opened broken hatch airlock doors.
Ag Center: Added some missing fan sound effects in the Central Basement.
Ag Center Destroyed: Fixed an issue wherein the player was being told to go back to Ag Center when it became destroyed, even if they have already acquired radio data by activating the radio unit.
Ag Center Destroyed: Updated conversation to make it harder to miss a quest when talking to Kathy Lawson.
Ag Center Destroyed: Removed pickup cursor if radio tower can’t be looted.
Ag Center Destroyed: Radio calls from interacting with the radio console no longer occur if the radio was turned on prior to Ag Center becoming destroyed.
Ag Center Destroyed: Removed navmesh from Kathy Lawson’s viney tomb.
Highpool: Killing patients or Harold’s body guards in the town hall now makes the villagers angry.
Highpool: Wrecking Crew Stronghold quest now resolves if Mayor Preston has been killed.
Highpool: Fixed an issue wherein Bergin was not fading in smoothly when teleporting to the voting area.
Highpool: Tweaked lighting levels and added new color tables.
Highpool: Linked missing reference to Jess-Belle’s safe in Jess-Belle’s drama.
Highpool: Added a backwards compatibility fix to add missing Jess-Belle logbook entries if you Hard Assed the safe thugs.
Highpool: Added faction anger for Harold.
Highpool: Removed satellite dish to improve RV highlighting.
Highpool: Bergin now paths to his spot near the crane if the game is reloaded after the election concludes.
Highpool: Kate Preston evasion lowered. Increased damage taken from party.
Highpool: Wormy Jim no longer investigates sounds, to prevent him wandering.
Highpool Underground: Fixed an issue wherein Kate did not acknowledge the current state of the valve puzzle.
Highpool Underground: Removed the sentence “If you don’t get those valves closed now[-], everything’s gonna blow!” from radio because the valves are supposed to be opened, not “closed”. Also adjusted text to match.
Highpool Destroyed: Removed examine collider from train tracks that was blocking movement in combat.
Rail Nomads Camp: Fixed an issue wherein Ralphy would not react to Jessie being murdered in the playground by the Rangers.
Rail Nomads Camp: Fixed an issue wherein a cutscene would not end after encountering Pitbull.
Rail Nomads Camp: Fixed an issue wherein combat would lock up if the Rangers wiped out Kekkahbah with a rocket at the peace meeting with Casey.
Rail Nomads Camp: Fixed an issue wherein using the keyword “Leverage” in Kekkahbah’s conversation prevented the Rangers from continuing with the peace process.
Rail Nomads Camp: Fixed an issue wherein it was not possible to tell Kekkahbah about the rail thieves following the peace ceremony.
Rail Nomads Camp: Fixed an issue wherein Jessie would bark after blowing up in the playground.
Rail Nomads Camp: Tweaked reverb for meeting hall.
Rail Nomads Camp: Slight improvement to Melissa’s suicide shot muzzle flash.
Rail Nomads Camp: Fixed an issue wherein Chisel would not attempt to rejoin the Rangers if there was no room available.
Rail Nomads Camp: Fixed an issue wherein Casey’s arm would regrow after he cut it off. It’s not radiation, folks.
Rail Nomads Camp: Fixed an issue wherein Jessie would not leave her cell upon being freed if the Rangers had unlocked the cell prior to speaking with Kekkahbah.
Rail Nomads Camp: Added short bark if Ralphy is in the party when Kekkahbah threatens Jessie.
Rail Nomads Camp: Fixed an issue wherein an incorrect logbook entry was being added upon receiving Ace’s Log Book from Samuel Haas.
Rail Nomads Camp: Fixed an issue wherein it was possible to continue the peace process after giving Kekkahbah the Brake Shoe.
Rail Nomads Camp: Fixed an issue wherein combat failed to start if Samuel Haas was attacked as he was trying to leave the Little Red Hen.
Rail Nomads Camp: Examining H.R.’s Log Book no longer triggers a logbook entry. It must be looted.
Rail Nomads Camp: Fixed an issue wherein Robert Bowling did not acknowledge Pitbull’s death.
Rail Nomads Camp: Fixed Melissa’s gunshot being played at the wrong location.
Rail Nomads Camp: Fixed water sounds not being affected by Effect Volume slider.
Atchisons’ Camp: Added more cover to the rail thief bridge encounter.
Prison: Turned off interactable cloth for a flag that was throwing a ton of errors. Lowered farm dirt and moved spawner to make sure farmer doesn’t clip through ground.
Prison: Fixed RSM not investigating an alarm near the security checkpoint.
Prison: Increased XP earned for killing Danforth to 225.
Prison: Fixed some navmesh issues inside the RSM cave to prevent Rangers from getting stuck inside wall.
Prison: Removed investigate sounds from Chris VanOverbake and crew.
Prison: Misc. fog of war fixes.
Prison: Fixed an issue where characters could fall through a ramp.
Prison: Chris VanOverbake and crew now teleport to the RSM checkpoint after the Rangers pay their taxes. This prevents an issue where the party could rush and get there before them and interrupt the sequence there.
Canyon of Titan: Extended the range of a trigger for Bart in order to make sure he activates it to prevent issues when returning him to Jill Yates.
Canyon of Titan: Fixed an erroneous keyword appearing when talking to Sadler which implied he didn’t know who the Mad Monks were.
Canyon of Titan: Fixed a broken prefab where a camera focus node went missing. This affected the cutscene where the suicide monk blew up the DBM base.
Canyon of Titan: Fixed a line of sight bug that could cause an infinite combat scenario with Honey Badgers from far-off overlooking cliff.
Canyon of Titan: Embiggended the DBM headquarters flag.
Canyon of Titan: Added dialog to Bridewell to acknowledge that you gave her weapons already at some point.
Canyon of Titan: Fixed locked up conversation with Sadler for “Not Willing” keyword.
Canyon of Titan: Fixed some Bridewell save/load issues.
Canyon of Titan: Fixed the red, yellow, green triggers near the DBM headquarters entrance.
Temple of Titan: Removed keyword “Help” when you have already given Dale some goop.
Temple of Titan: Fixed an issue wherein Father Enola would incorrectly appear wounded in front of the Temple exit even though he was previously killed.
Temple of Titan: Fixed several nav grid/pathfinding issues.
Temple of Titan: Fixed fog of war covering up Tom’s cutscene when approaching from certain angles.
Temple of Titan: Fixed a hacked turret in the DBM headquarters shooting through walls.
Temple of Titan: Fixed cover placement.
Temple of Titan: Fixed an issue where the player was able to kill a suicide monk before he got to his detonation spot at the DBM headquarters.
Temple of Titan: Fixed Brother Shapiro wait to join combat flag if he’s not in the party and in certain states.
Temple of Titan: Converted the scene where Father Enola takes you to the underground to be arrested to a cutscene to prevent issues with saving or attacking during that scene.
Temple of Titan: Can now use Lockpick to open a gate in the raider-controlled version of the level (prevents an issue in proceeding if player killed the raiders).
Temple of Titan: Fixed navmesh issues in the missile silo area.
Temple of Titan: Fixed some floating medical supply crates.
Temple of Titan: Fixed game locking up after conversation with Father Enola in Mad Monk prison.
Temple of Titan: Brother Roy Parsons should now give you more containers when he asks you for more sludge in tribute.
Temple of Titan: Added ability to get more sludge containers from Brother Roy Parsons if you don’t have enough for tribute.
Damonta: Updated large airplane prop with adjusted colors and lights.
Damonta: Tweaked terrain and lighting, fixed bad materials.
Damonta: Fixed “creaking hinge” sound when looting dead bodies to now play something more appropriate.
Damonta: Fixed Clyde logic to make sure he dies when you leave the level having never met him. Should clear up Epilogue logic a bit.
Damonta: Removed persistent corpse from Clyde’s guards.
Damonta: Jill will no longer mention Bart if he was never rescued.
Damonta: Fixed an issue wherein Rick Baychowski did not get killed by robots after Damonta is abandoned.
Damonta: Rick’s corpse no longer appears in Damonta if he never made it to Damonta.
Damonta: Added Universal Death to Baychowski.
Damonta: Fixed an issue wherein Lexcanium’s jail cell did not open correctly when opened with explosives.
Damonta: Fixed an issue where Bart leaving at the front entrance was not being tracked properly later when finding his cows.
Radio Tower: Fixed Spkye Alpha’s raiders temporarily disregarding combat movement rules when attacking them after they are sweet-talked and leave.
Wrecking Crew Stronghold: Fixed the level bounds so that they include the level transition.
Infected Village: Updated text to better reflect the location’s design.
Infected Village: Updated instructions and logbook about weapon cache location to match the local map.
Infected Village: Fixed a bug preventing combat movement if combat was started with a Ranger in a specific spot on a ramp.
Infected Pump Station: Fixed warnings about missing scripts.
Infected Pump Station: Cleaned up some colliders and layers.
Infected Pump Station: Fixed waterfall issue.
Gorkinovich’s Distillery: Fixed a combat bounds issue.
Gorkinovich’s Distillery: North building walls now provide cover.
Rick’s RV: Fixed an issue wherein Vargas failed to call and inquire about Rick Baychowski while visiting Rick’s RV.
Darwin’s Village: Pizepi no longer wants to join the Rangers if Jan is murdered.
Darwin’s Village: Fixed plague status effect being curable with Antibiotics.
Darwin’s Village: Fixed mutants outside the first room not engaging in combat if the first encounter is still underway.
Silo 7: Fixed some text being repeated when it shouldn’t have been.
Silo 7: Added an existing string to Sierra Madre logbook entry.
Silo 7: Fixed blank entry in a Rick Baychowski conversation.
Silo 7: Added klaxon sound to Father Enola’s radio call.
Silo 7: Added background music.
Arizona Random Encounter Map 2: Fixed an issue where a friendly trader could spawn inside an inaccessible building.
Arizona Random Encounter Map 2: Fixed some wall collision issues.
Arizona Random Encounter Map 3: Fixed an issue where Rangers could fall through a bridge.
Arizona Random Encounter Maps: Fixed missing script and lighting layer issues.

Santa Fe Springs: Woodson no longer drops materials used to upgrade the rad suits.
Santa Fe Springs: Moved Dave’s path node to the radio room.
Santa Fe Springs: Fixed an issue wherein two Dave Carlson corpses were visible simultaneously.
Santa Fe Springs: Added new logbook entries that track the progress of Cat Litter and Zeolite given to Woodson.
Santa Fe Springs: Repairing a fence now interrupts the active radio broadcast. Fixes a bug where Woodson calls the party even though he is next to them.
Rodia: Added new charred flesh textures.
Rodia: Smoothed terrain to prevent it popping into corner of bedroom in one of the brothel bedrooms.
Rodia: Fixed a normal map issue with a texture that was causing SSAO anomalies.
Rodia: Improved walkway texture and terrain leading up to mayor’s office so it’s more visible.
Rodia: Fixed roof texture association issue.
Rodia: Fixed missing texture issue on bank vault.
Rodia: Lowered difficulty of entrance gate for Lockpicking and Brute Force.
Rodia: Satan disappears after Rodia is saved from the Leather Jerks to prevent quest issues.
Rodia: Satan quest can now be completed after saving the town and getting Virgil to fix the radio tower. Satan triggers should also no longer resolve the quest until you talk to Virgil.
Rodia: Virgil should now start conversation immediately upon returning Satan.
Rodia: Dante should no longer magically teleport over to his table after fixing the radio tower and talking to him.
Rodia: Satan should no longer run to Virgil as part of his failure pathing.
Rodia: Critically failing Animal Whisperer on Satan works now.
Rodia: Fixed sound effect bug on barracks floors.
Rodia: Fixed texture on sewer entrance pipe.
Rodia: Synth battle with Leather Jerks should unset faction hate if you’ve hacked a synth.
Angel Oracle: Clarified dialog and added a logbook entry pertaining to the Mannerite toaster.
Angel Oracle: Relocated the “Baby Ruth” toaster to the area containing Feral Boars.
Angel Oracle: Mr. Manners now accepts Toast.
Angel Oracle: Fixed Mannerites with incorrect leg equipment.
Angel Oracle: Fixed incorrect speaker for a proximity conversation between a Mannerite and Robbinson.
Angel Oracle: The camera will now focus on Guard Llewelyn when bringing Fletcher back.
Angel Oracle: It is no longer possible to sneak past Sheriff Marshall after Fletcher has escaped.
Angel Oracle: Backwards compatibility fix to unlock Los Angeles Aqueduct if you used skill keywords to stop the execution.
Angel Oracle: Fixed an issue wherein the armory door would not open following a Robbinson takeover under certain conditions.
Angel Oracle: Fixed an issue wherein Doc Edwinson displayed the medic icon even though he is no longer willing to heal the Rangers.
Angel Oracle: Fixed an NPC being hostile when they shouldn’t have been.
Angel Oracle: Reduced size of Feral Pigs.
Angel Oracle: Fixed an issue wherein the Rangers could get trapped inside the execution cage.
Angel Oracle: Removed item filtering when recovering inventory from the armory safes.
Angel Oracle: Fixed an issue wherein the Civility Enforcers Captain would not attack safe thieves.
Angel Oracle: Fixed an issue wherein the dog-killer Mannerites would fade away after being attacked.
Angel Oracle: Linked missing formation nodes to Sherriff spawner.
Angel Oracle: Fixed an issue wherein the guards near the cafeteria would be hostile if Mannerite guards were attacked in Playa Del Rey.
Angel Oracle: Newly added Cast IDs should also hate the Rangers if Angel Oracle has turned hostile.
Angel Oracle: Dr. Edwinson now adds the microscope to the player’s inventory if he agrees to lend it out.
Angel Oracle: Fixed torch sound effects.
Angel Oracle: Fixed receiving out of context journal entries regarding the thief quest if the Robbinsons have taken over.
Hollywood: Prevented HSP guards from spawning at Los Feliz gate after God’s Militia attacks.
Hollywood: Fixed Vulture’s Cry getting mad at the player for killing the pigs in the cemetery.
Hollywood: Killing Retribution Jones in Hollywood should now make sure he’s killed in Griffith too.
Hollywood: Closing the conversation with Matthias now correctly removes conversation UI tooltip.
Hollywood: Killing Ascension McDade before the broken man quest is recieved now has a different outcome.
Hollywood: Fixed Manny’s quest not being resolved when Retribution Jones conquers Hollywood.
Hollywood: Fixed George’s quest not receiving a new entry when Retribution Jones conquers Hollywood.
Hollywood: Fixed Ma Brown’s quest not receiving a new entry when Retribution Jones conquers Hollywood.
Hollywood: Fixed keywords when speaking with Matthias’ kiosk not disappearing when they should have.
Hollywood: Fixed Retribution Jones’ group stopping outside the cemetery when loading a save.
Hollywood: Fixed Heidi and Veronica stopping their escape when loading a save after intervening in their execution scene.
Hollywood: Logbook now updates when Heidi is saved from her execution.
Hollywood: Fixed killing Mary causing Heidi to slide towards Rangers.
Hollywood: Fixed pigs not joining combat in the cemetery if prostitutes have been attacked by the Rangers first.
Hollywood: Added new text to Ascension McDade to handle if the player kills Retribution Jones early in the retake Bastion quest.
Hollywood: Fixed killing Schwag first not putting Flo in charge of the diner.
Hollywood: Fixed being unable to tell Flo about Schwag’s death if the player kills him before getting the quest from her.
Hollywood: Removed some tooltips from certain generic idle NPCs that implied they could be spoken with.
Hollywood: Fixed Heidi and Veronica being at execution even though Heidi took over the Bastion.
Hollywood: Added new text if the player pisses off Matthias at his kiosk.
Hollywood: Changed some Ranger conversation lines when talking to Ma Brown.
Hollywood: Fixed a bug allowing conversation with Schwag to be initiated through a wall.
Hollywood: Fixed a quest update issue with the election quest.
Hollywood: Fixed misleading description shown in log after entering High Ground.
Hollywood: Fixed slaves in Swift’s office not running away if the player uses explosives to break the doors.
Hollywood: Fixed bodyguard from Heidi’s office being able to spot Rangers through the wall of Gwen’s room.
Hollywood: Fixed text describing Swifty’s ambush being shown too early.
Hollywood: Fixed text description in Schwag’s office repeating and describing dead NPCs if they’ve been killed.
Hollywood: Fixed being able to continually ask Swifty about a job.
Hollywood: Fixed being able to persuade Flo to vote for Veronica even if the player has never met Veronica before.
Hollywood: Fixed Heidi reacting incorrectly when the Rangers come back from Griffith after taking over the Bastion.
Hollywood: Fixed Heidi barking “thank you” while her prostitutes are still being attacked by Feral Pigs.
Hollywood: Made Ratboy’s description more consistent.
Hollywood Sewers: Fixed an unlootable medical supply chest.
Hollywood Sewers: Fixed conversation of thugs not triggering if eastern locker is opened.
Los Feliz: Fixed situation where if the player saved Luis before talking to Alex, Alex did not thank the player for helping his brother.
Griffith Park: Fixed Maggie’s logbook entry not updating.
Griffith Park: Prevented the radio tower gate from closing when clicking on it repeatedly, which led to it becoming unopenable.
Griffith Park: Fixed wrong description text in front of Bastion gate with turrets.
Griffith Park: Fixed invisible Garza barking when exterior gate controls are destroyed.
Griffith Park: Fixed being able to not complete Heidi’s quest if done before actually getting the quest.
Griffith Park: Fixed bug when destroying the front gate control, which could cause the Bastion gate to close and then open.
Griffith Park: Fixed descriptions mentioning NPCs in Bastion forecourt being once the NPCs have left.
Griffith Park: Improved Bastion gate feedback (tooltip and description) to be more obvious what player’s interaction choices are.
Griffith Park: Fixed a bug where there was a small chance the inside doors would not open while the player was in the Bastion forecourt.
Griffith Park: Fixed a bug where Heidi was showing up at the Bastion even though Retribution Jones was in control.
Griffith Park: Random Church Vigilant no longer appears inside the chapel once Malediction Mayweather has been killed.
Griffith Park: Fixed being unable to interact with Bastion gate control box.
Griffith Park: Fixed Luis’s intro line appearing as a bark - it now displays in the conversation HUD.
Griffith Park: Removed Constance Yee’s description of the Bastion statue, as it was inaccurate.
Griffith Park: Constance Yee now no longer uses same dialog for certain keywords as Maggie.
Griffith Park: Updated Southwestern Folklore description of the Bastion statue.
Griffith Park: Fixed nun character template.
Griffith Park: Fixed Billy’s conversation ending early when a certain keyword was picked.
Griffith Park: Fixed an issue with Retribution Jones’ quest getting updated early.
Griffith Park: Fixed Ascension McDade asking the player to tell Veronica he loves her even though the quest failed.
Griffith Park: Fixed Ascension McDade appearing in Bastion during coup when he was supposed to be in Hollywood.
Griffith Park: Fixed a small graphical issue with the Observatory’s door that allowed players to see through a gap in the model.
Griffith Park: Fixed “Investigation” dialogue line not fitting fit the conversation preview.
Griffith Park: Fixed conversation with Luis Bermudez being initiated before he speaks with his brother.
Griffith Park: Fixed Rocco di Leo not opening gate when save/loading.
Griffith Park: Fixed some hostile God’s Militia NPCs ignoring the Rangers after the Bastion gate controls have been destroyed.
Griffith Park: Fixed bug where an invisible Garza barks when Bastion gate controls are destroyed.
Griffith Park: Troops correctly disappear when Retribution Jones is in control of the Bastion.
Griffith Park: Fixed an issue where Jones/McDade cutscene where they kill Mayweather does not play.
Griffith Park: The player ordering the party to shoot at the ground will no longer cause Heidi to run back and forth between the Rangers and the Bastion gate.
Griffith Park: Fixed Heidi not heading back to Hollywood even though she tells the Rangers she will.
Griffith Park: Moved Meson Cannon’s position.
Griffith Park: Fixed an issue where Maggie walking to behind Samson’s Snack Shoppe could cause her cutscene to be interrupted.
Griffith Park: Added a death flag to Maggie’s script.
Griffith Park: Updated journal for finding Ascension McDade.
Griffith Park: Added a cutscene for when Heidi enters the Bastion.
Griffith Park: Sanctity White should now accept more item types as illicit.
Griffith Park: Can now learn Combat Shooting from bookcase.
Griffith Park: Fixed Meson Cannon near the Bastion gate remaining neutral if the player attacks nearby NPCs first.
Seal Beach: Dweezle should no longer join the Dugan battle.
Seal Beach: Warehouse split up into separate combat bounds, so you can’t fight people outside of the compound when inside.
Seal Beach: Fixed the shadow caster over the warehouse to be in line with how we do other roof shadows.
Seal Beach: Optimization pass on lights in the warehouse.
Seal Beach: Fixed a fog of war visibility issue when standing near the warehouse walls.
Seal Beach: Fixed Dweezle and the ambush group joining Rangers’ combat with Tonza and Rev. Degge T. Thomas, Jr.
Seal Beach: Fixed Mad Money Mike not continuing walking if the player exited the level and re-entered.
Seal Beach: Fixed Dweezle repeating his action if the player got to his point before him.
Seal Beach Underground: Fixed being able to complete Matthias quest without killing Woodson.
Seal Beach Underground: Fixed doors clipping into walls.
Seal Beach Underground: Fixed sandbags not providing cover.
Seal Beach Underground: Adjusted lighting in Scorpitron factory area.
Seal Beach Underground: Fixed an issue that wasn’t keeping track of Dugan’s death.
Seal Beach Underground: Added a fix for a broken save where you could get to the Underground, having completed the Matthias quest, and return to the helicopter only to find that it wasn’t there.
Seal Beach Underground: Fixed a null error if Kekkahbah was used to sacrifice but Vargas was not present.
Endgame: Fixed an issue wherein a Ranger healer only healed the party once.
Endgame: Casey James will no longer come the Rangers’ aid if Kekkahbah was given the Brake Shoe or he is suspected of stealing the Golden Spike.
Endgame: Fixed bug where Danforth, Campbell and Reina were showing up at end game even though the player wiped them out at the Prison after securing peace treaty.
Endgame: Bridewell now has the correct amount of MAXCON.
Endgame: Gave Matthias radio call a portrait and name.
Salt Lake Park: Moved the FOW revealer up a bit to reveal better in the third badger cave.
Salt Lake Park: Description in text now matches graphics better.
Salt Lake Park: Player now gets a guaranteed large Scrap reward for finding the locked stash.
Salt Lake Park: Added Demolitions to booby trapped stuff.
Salt Lake Park: Fixed issue where looting the hidden loot room would do the same at Long Beach.
Long Beach: Player now gets a guaranteed large Scrap reward for finding the locked stash.
Cerritos: Made Evolved guards walk more straight in line.
Cerritos: Fixed duplicate reward issue with the Old Farm Woman.
Cerritos: Fixed Brother James setting wrong faction hate.
Long Beach: Old Man now correctly points out that Seal Beach is to the east, not west.
Long Beach: Fixed issue where looting the hidden loot room would do the same at Salt Lake Park.
Los Alamitos: Dekkar now reacts correctly if you Animal Whisper his dog.
Los Alamitos: Fixed some logic bugs with Dekkar and his dog.
Los Alamitos: Fixed broken logbook entries.
Los Alamitos: Changed text for logbook entries to reflect “finding and retrieving” the dog instead of just “finding”.
Los Alamitos: Fixed Dekkar’s portrait to better match his description.
Los Alamitos: Made sure Dekkar can be spoken to after returning his dog.
Los Angeles Aqueduct: Converted all factions to neutral in order to fix faction anger issues when players killed a ton of innocents.
Los Angeles Aqueduct: Fixed flickering trash piles.
Culver City Brothel: Fixed a fog of war issue where fog was appearing after fog was already revealed.
Redondo Beach: Fixed reference to “Simm’s eye” in notification when giving statue to Bob.
Whittier: Removed 2 synths from the battle and moved a few other back a bit to give the player a bit more space before the ambush.
Whittier: Added more cover.
Whittier: Cutscene now no longer triggers immediately so the player can leave before the ambush occurs and save prior to it.
Clerc Shrine: Fixed dual shadows in some places.
Chia Shrine: Fixed navmesh issue.
California World Map: Unset flags that say you’ve visited Seal Beach Underground to fix issues where you can skip to the Underground, even though you finished the Matthias quest. This should prevent a potential (but extremely rare) game-breaking issue.
California World Map: Fixed a rare issue wherein Woodson’s radio call failed to trigger if the player quicksaved right as the call started.
California World Map: Moved location of the “Wastelanders having a BBQ” encounter away from starting zones.
California Random Encounter Map 3: Added wall cover to the tank prop.
California Random Encounter Map 4: Added missing bridge to this map.
California Random Encounter Map 5: Added big ass waterfall sound effect.
California Random Encounter Map 6: Fixed camera being blocked.
California Random Encounter Maps: Fixed hacking one of Dugan’s Worker Bots in a random encounter causing one to still be hacked in subsequent encounters with Dugan’s Worker Bots.

Multitudinous spelling, grammar, consistency and spacing fixes.
Multitudinous fixes to inaccurate descriptions of locations in text log (such as Salt Lake Park).
Correctly capitalized names of generic cows and chickens.
Fixed too many *s in string “<@>**mmmff*** **ggrrrggglll** that were causing problems.
Added Jason Dora to the credits as a Web Developer, for his excellent development of webs.
Updated all localizations.
Fixed bug with localized keywords not appearing as buttons because they’ve translated two different English keywords to the same localized word. This should prevent some rare missing keyword issues.
Updated Korean font choice and kerning improvements.
Changed handling of mismatched starred keywords in translations to show more information and still put up the keywords (just in English). This is a fallback that is being added to prevent missing keyword issues if they occur before our localization teams can fix them.
Fix to allow English typo fixes to stars on starred keywords to work. Used to just use the key string, now gets English translation for key string (if any).
For mismatched starred keywords in translations, no longer show the partially keyworded translation if it had no starred words.
Epilogue (Spoilers)

Pistol Pete will no longer show up in places if you’ve sacrificed him or blown him up at the end.
Should no longer mention Pistol Pete if you haven’t met him.
Choosing to blow the nuke and kill everyone should no longer include CNPCs that did not make it with you to the very end.
Followers should now have checks if the Rangers killed them as opposed to them dying in battle to prevent epilogues showing up for them if the player killed them.
Added some additional epilogue backgrounds.
Rail Nomads Camp: Added alternate ending for killing both Kekkahbah and Casey.
Rail Nomads Camp: Fixed logic issue with Topekans winning.
Rail Nomads Camp: Added alternate ending for giving the golden spike to Casey.
Prison: Signing the peace treaty with Danforth is now reflected properly.
Temple of Titan: Added alternate ending text for putting the DBM in charge but disarming the nuke.
Damonta: The epilogue was given logic to check if you’ve never met Clyde in order to fix any saves that may have been broken.
Damonta: Now correctly handles Rick Baychowski’s death so he doesn’t appear in the epilogue if he’s dead.
Damonta: Ending for Hopi and Magee was added if they died in battle.
Arizona: Should no longer mention Infected Village/Pump Station/Farm if you’ve not unlocked any of them.
Rodia: Lying to Dr. Horchata about dropping the disinfectant in the well is now handled appropriately.
Rodia: Dante and Virgil should no longer be mentioned if you’ve never met them.
Rodia: Removed “to the Leather Jerks” from a few text entries to clear up confusion if you’ve defeated them.
Angel Oracle: Ending for Angel Oracle was added if you didn’t give a hostage for Fletcher.
Hollywood: Ma Brown is not mentioned anymore if you’ve killed her.
Hollywood: Fixed Ma Brown’s quest not showing an epilogue if resolved.
Hollywood: Should no longer mention Ma Brown if you haven’t met her.
Hollywood: Heidi is no longer mentioned if she’s been killed
Hollywood: Fixed some logic errors with Flo in Hollywood.
Hollywood: Added epilogue text for Flo.
Hollywood: Should no longer mention Raji if you haven’t met him.
Griffith Park: Ending for Griffith was added if you abandoned the Ascension McDade quest completely.
Endgame: Added endings for Kekkahbah and Casey dying in the end battle.
Endgame: Ending for Vargas was added if he died in battle at the end.
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Re: Wasteland 2

Сообщение Амра » 07 ноя 2014, 10:19

Дош, ну это не серьезно, а перевести с буржуйского, а то ведь не понятно что весило 2.2 гига :)

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Re: Wasteland 2

Сообщение Eredil » 07 ноя 2014, 10:36

Текст? :D

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Re: Wasteland 2

Сообщение Дошлый » 07 ноя 2014, 18:27

Амра писал(а):Дош, ну это не серьезно, а перевести с буржуйского, а то ведь не понятно что весило 2.2 гига :)
:-o 8-)
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Re: Wasteland 2

Сообщение Cardinal » 29 сен 2016, 13:24

Разработчики из студии inXile Entertainment анонсировали ещё один проект в копилке не вышедших RPG студии — ролевую игру Wasteland 3.

Напомним, что помимо этого девелоперы трудятся над многострадальной Torment: Tides of Numenera и The Bard’s Tale IV.

Wasteland 3, равно как и её предшественница, заглянет за финансированием на краунфандинговую площадку. Впрочем, в отличие от второй части, сбор средств планируют проводить на FIG, основателями которой являются генеральный директор Obsidian Фергюс Уркхарт и глава inXile Брайан Фарго.

Краткая выжимка заявленных особенностей:
- Значительное улучшение графики.
- Порядка 50 часов на прохождение.
- Сюжет поведает историю отряда «Ноябрь».
- Игра начнётся с того, что герои окажутся в заснеженной пустоши, изо всех сил стараясь выжить.
- В Wasteland 3 появится мультиплеер, причём как синхронный, так и асинхронный. Сетевой режим поддерживает возможность играть вдвоём разными отрядами, совместно участвуя в сражениях или же гуляя по одним и тем же локациям без взаимодействия. При этом, играя вместе, игроки могут вместе следить за сюжетом, или же продвигаться по нему самостоятельно, обгоняя или отставая друг от друга.
- В разработке участвуют знаменитые в узких кругах братья Кристофер и Ник Бисхоффы, создатели изометрического квеста Stasis. С их помощью inXile планируют вывести игру на новый уровень графики.
- В Wasteland 3 будут озвученные диалоги и более кинематографичная камера.

Как сообщает Фарго, на Wasteland 2 разработчики заработали порядка 12$ миллионов. Бюджет Wasteland 3 находится в пределах 7$ миллионов, из которых 2,75$ миллиона планируется собрать через FIG. Сбор средств стартует 5 октября.

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