Клиры в 3.5

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Клиры в 3.5

Сообщение Elargia » 12 дек 2015, 14:22

Class: Tank DPS Changes. Red Hawk has posted up a bunch of changes to tank DPS that will go up on the PTS for testing next Monday. Due to the holidays, feedback will be open for ONE day only. Full info here – affects all tanks (except Warriors).

-Total Assurance now increases all damage dealt for 30 seconds, in addition to its previous effects.
-Mien of Honor and Mien of Leadership are no longer on the global cooldown. Their shared cooldown has been lowered to 10 seconds.
-The damage buff effect from Mien of Honor now lasts 30 seconds, up from 15 seconds.

-Soul Coalescence now only consumes 5 stacks of Soul Synthesis instead of 20.
-Soul Synthesis now increases damage dealt by 5% per stack, up from 1% per stack.

- Arcane Ward’s Outgoing Damage and Healing penalty has been Reduced from 30% down to 20%.

- Primal Rage’s damage buff effect has been increased from 20% up to 30%. Its duration has been increased from 5 seconds up to 6 seconds.

Class: Cleric Inquisitor Changes. Testing some changes on PTS starting next Monday: Vex damage increased by 18%; Mental Resilience spellpower scaling on Vex/Scourge/SH increased to 20% (from 15%); Righteous Indignation spellpower scaling increased to 5% (from 4%) per point. Info here.
Vex – Increased damage by 18%
Mental Resilience - Increased from 15% spellpower scaling on Vex, Scourge, and Sanction Heretic up to 20% spellpower scaling.
Righteous Indignation - Increased from 4% spellpower scaling per point up to 5% per point.

Class: Cleric Shaman Changes. Testing some changes on PTS starting next Monday. Massive blow now always crits; and Furious Blows have had their spellpower scaling increased from 5% to 10% per point. Info here.
-Massive Blow now always critically hits.
-Furious Blows increased from 5% spellpower scaling per point up to 10% spellpower scaling per point.

Shaman suffers from a multi-vector dependence on Massive Blow. By making this ability always critically hit, a lot of Shaman's variance can be reduced. While this does slightly change the standard meta "cooldown block" for the spec, I believe these changes will make Shaman a competitive Melee DPS spec in PvE. We will be evaluating the impact of these changes closely.

Class: Cleric Defiler Changes. Testing some changes on PTS starting next Monday. Siphon Vitality dmg increased by 10%; Marrow Harvest dmg increased by 20%; Pain Tranmission dps increased by 20%. Info here.
Red Hawk also explained why Pain Transmission was changed in 3.5.

Siphon Vitality - Increased damage by 10%
Marrow Harvest - Increased damage by 20%
Pain Transmission - Increased damage by 20%

In addition, Vex's damage has been increased by 18%, which will also affect most dps-focused Defiler builds.
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