Билды для танка и дд 2.0-2.1

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Re: Билды для танка и дд 2.0-2.1

Сообщение 93overlord » 07 июн 2013, 20:00

Armada писал(а): Копье разлома ОЧЕНЬ взаимодействует с вилкой! Подойди к куче манекенов и пусти копье в одну цель. Потом ту же операцию повтори с включенной вилкой!
Я разницы не замечал по 1 причине - нужно аое? Спамим сначала макрос с вилкой и копьём пламени, потом спам аое макроса(в который у меня копьё разлома вписанно) и копьё разлома в любом случае юзается под вилкой. При дамаге в соло цель копьё в любом случае бесполезно, ибо можно потерять момент и аое дамаг, когда это необходимо.

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Re: Билды для танка и дд 2.0-2.1

Сообщение Akak » 01 июл 2013, 16:47

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The list of updates will be going up onto PTS shortly and I would like to have them parsed and tested for a couple of weeks before putting them up on Live. I would like parses for Champion and Warlord and any hybrids of those.

Void Knight

Destructive Forces: Reckless Strike and Ragestorm now deal weapon plus 0.3-1.5% of your Attack Power as Air damage for each active pact, down from 0.6-3.0%. Destructive Forces can now have a Crit outcome.


Entropic Embrace: Now increases non-physical damage by 2-10%.

Binding of Affliction: Now increases non-physical damage by 5%.

Crippling Infestation: Now also increases damage done by Death based attacks by 3-15%.

Reaping Touch: Now increases the damage of all attacks by 1-3% instead of increasing the damage of over time attacks by 2-6%.


Shield of the Vengeful: Fixed a bug where Shield of the Vengeful is not increasing the damage of Destructive Forces.

Balance of Power: Can now have a Crit outcome.


Flinching Strike, Turn the Blade: No longer enable Follow Up attacks when they are executed.


Fork: Now a Toggle ability. No longer cost Power. Causes Riftblade’s Spear abilities to do 50% less damage.


Into the Breach, Clear the Breach: No longer have a shared cooldown between them.

Tactical Advance: Now also refreshes Sergeant’s Order and Battlefield Medic.

Defensive Surge: Now increases Armor by 10%, up from 3%, and Resistance by 15%, up from 9%. Also reduces damage dealt by 10%.

Battle Surge: Now increases Attack Power and Weapon Contribution by 25%, up from 15%. Also increases damage taken by 15%.

Arterial Strike: Now activated after the Warrior does a Critical Hit instead of a block, parry or dodge outcome. Damage has been reduced. Now grants an Attack Point and has a 6s cooldown. The bleed effect from Arterial Strike now ignores armor and lasts 10s.


Difficult Target: Now reduces damage taken by 1-3% and increases damage dealt by 1-3%.


Deadly Strikes: All attacks now ignore 2-10% of the target’s Armor and Resist.

Grim Satisfaction: All ability attacks now have a 20% chance of recovering 2-6 Power.

One on Many: Now increases all damage done by 1-3% and increases damage of Area of Effect attacks by 3-9%.

Soldier’s Bearing: Now increases all damage done by 3%.

Reaper’s Bearing: No longer causes single target attacks to deal damage to surrounding enemies. Now, it increases the damage of single target attacks by 35%.

Iron Strikes: Now increases the damage of all Champion abilities by 10-30%.

Intense Training: Now increases the bonus to Slayer’s Bearing to 5/7/9%, up from 3.5/4.2/5%.

Mired: Now causes enemies affected by a Mark to take 3-9% more damage from your attacks for 1min, down from 5-15%.

Trample: Bull Rush and Finishers now cause nearby enemies to take 5-15% more damage from all of your attacks for 15s.

Follow Through: No longer reduces the power cost of Champion AE attacks by 2-4. It now reduces the power cost of all Champion abilities by 1-2.

Fight or Flight: Now also increases damage done by 3-6%.

Close on the Target: Now also increases damage done with melee weapons by 3-9%.

Thunderous Strike: The debuff from Thunderous Strike now lasts 20s, up from 15s. Now applies a debuff onto affected enemies, increasing damage taken from the Warrior by 5-15%.

Disruptive Strike: Damage has been increased.


Swiftness: Now also increases damage done by 1-5%.
Читаем кто не увидел на ресурсе, или кому интересно предварительные мысли на счет варов с птс
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Originally posted by Ailion (Source)
I have added more updates to the main list in the first page. A new build that includes all these updates isn’t ready on PTS yet. I believe it will be over the weekends.

Here are some of my goals with these updates:

1) Promote synergy between the individual souls.

2) Reduce the dependence on the Riftblade as the goto spec for most aspects of game play.

3) Make Warlord a competitive ST Melee DPS soul, but comes at a cost in survivability to reach that goal.

4) Make Champion a competitive AE DPS soul while being able to excel in encounters that require both ST and AE DPS capabilities.

Parses will be appreciated. You can post your parses in this thread or PM them to me.
Ну что ж? я за разнообразие и изменения - будем пробовать чемпиона в аое+ст вместо рб...


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